“And now for something completely different!”

Soon after my first post, I sat mesmerized in front of a television screen—a rare sight if you know my viewing habits, or lack thereof.  The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics blew me away, and I had a rush of thoughts about this super-cool gathering of people from around the world.  It may not explicitly worship Jesus, but I think it’s strikingly in line with many Christian priorities like peace, cultural diversity, and rejoicing in the bodies God has given us.  My first “real” post, I decided would be about the Olympics.  I was quite excited!

But then…

*Duhn! Duhn! Duhn!*  I checked my Google Reader the next day, only to see that Al Hsu hadn’t just written a blog post on this very topic, but a whole article—yes, a whole freakin’ article for both online and print readers—for Christianity Today.  (And, yes, I am bitter.  The column is definitely worth reading, though.)  I decided I didn’t have anything new or intelligent to add to his discussion of the connection of the Olympics with God’s reign, so I have sat for several days wondering what I might write.

I’ve decided to begin with A Task:

Name two songs.

Both should mean something to you that is very different from what you think they mean to a significant number of listeners.

Preferably, choose one from “inside” a group that you’re a part of (religious, cultural, geographic, political, etc.).  (For example, maybe you’re a feminist, but you find a “feminist”-leaning song that actually seems completely anti-feminist to you.)  Then choose another song from “outside” a group you’re a part of (maybe the same group?) that seems oddly in line with how you see the world.  Perhaps one of the most “misogynistic” rappers around has just released a single that speaks to you about women’s dignity.  Post snippets of lyrics if you want and try not to completely bash anyone’s choices just yet.  Chatter expressing dis/agreement is ok, though.



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4 responses to ““And now for something completely different!”

  1. Hey Ash! Okay I’ve got one for the first category. This song has irked me for awhile. It plays on Christian radio, so I don’t know much about the character of the artists, but I’ll just go ahead with my impressions. The song is called “I Don’t Want To Go” by Avalon. Here’s the chorus:

    I don’t want to go somewhere
    If I know that You’re not there,
    ‘Cause I know that me without You is a lie.
    And I don’t want to walk that road,
    Be a million miles from home,
    Cause my heart needs to be right where You are.
    So I don’t want to go. No, no.

    This has always bothered me. To me it opposes directly the oft-quoted verse in Isaiah 6: “here am I, send me”. I understand the underlying concept of this song, and how it could be interpreted differently. But it strikes me as anti-missional. You don’t where to go where God isn’t? But wait, isn’t that very thing exactly what He calls us to do? To go where He isn’t represented and bring Him there? And really, it’s not as if God will ever leave those He loves, so it’s impossible for us to go somewhere He is not, even if it’s among a people-group “a million miles from home” who has never heard the name of Jesus.

    Grr, I just don’t get it. To me, this song is just opposite of the Biblical call. Which is a problem…

  2. Ashleigh – Sorry to stomp on your Olympic blog post idea! I didn’t mean to, really. I think you should still write one.

    Say, you need to change your Facebook settings so it imports notes from your new blog.

  3. Hey Ashley!

    One song that comes to mind is Chrisette Michele’s “If I Have My Way”. I’ve been referring to it as the “sexy abstinence” song.

    Her song popped up on my Pandora, and I thought it was like the multitude of R&B songs about making love, etc, etc. till I listened to the lyrics:

    You’re who I desire, you light my fire
    With every kiss, you take me higher
    Feeling like your lovin’ I just cannot resist
    There’s something that’s makin’ me hold on
    There’s no one I’d rather share my good
    lovin’ with

    But I promised I’d wait ’til I’m ready for this

    One day we’ll make love, passion unheard of
    I’ll be your woman, if I have my way
    We will see heaven, lovin’ together
    We won’t stop ever, if I have my way

    I love your touch, it makes me cry oh
    I’m in love so much, look what you’ve done
    please don’t whisper any thing else in my ear
    my body, my heart, and my soul is high
    let me find the strength to get on up outa here
    cause one day, the way we feel, we’ll be alright

    I think it’s interesting that she expresses the powerful desire to be intimate with a man that she really cares for, yet also conveys her conviction that sexual intimacy has an appropriate context. I don’t know if she’s referring to marriage explicitly, but I like that the song ties together sexyness and constraint, two elements that are typically seen as being in opposition.

    I could see how it could be seen as her getting as close as she can to the line of physical intimacy, and again I don’t know whether she’s a Christian or not, but I appreciate the unconventional way of expressing her conviction.

  4. Ashleigh

    Well, I just realized I never replied to any of these comments, because I guess I was waiting for more… I was going through all of my old posts today to put them into categories and add tags (where I hadn’t originally), and I saw this…

    Well, I think both of your answers are interesting, Nyam and Whitney! :o)

    The other day I had one of these moments in the car: I was listening to the radio, and Ke$ha’s “Your Love is My Drug,” which I hate less than I hate her other songs (though still don’t “like”), and had an unexpected thought: Despite the fact that most Christian parents probably dislike this song (sex AND drugs?!?!), there is actually similar imagery in the Bible. Between Prov. 5 and Song of Songs, there are definitely biblical comparisons of romantic relationships and sex to alcohol—are drugs, then, that inappropriate a metaphor? I found it ironic that Ke$ha was almost singing something biblical…

    When I originally wrote this post, though, I have no idea what song(s) I was thinking of… though this is an experience I have fairly frequently, really.

    Thanks for sharing, and sorry I was so pathetic at replying!

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