Pastor tells congregants to have sex

Check out this video on a pastor telling his congregation to have [married] sex seven days straight:

This is actually mild compared to some 30 or 40 day things I’ve seen before, but still, interesting…

My questions:

* Why do Christians pride themselves on being sexperts crushing the myths of secular culture… when in the views of this reporter, and probably many CNN viewers (including myself), this pastor doesn’t really seem to get it.  He’s offering just as superficial a concept of sex as many of the myths he’d criticize.

* What about the reporter’s point?  In what better ways could this pastor talk about and encourage sex that wouldn’t be as likely to also carry negative ramifications for certain spouses?  (If anyone’s wondering if some men would really respond in such a way, I have to say, sadly, I have known some that would.)

* And what about our definitions of sex?  I wonder how broadly the pastor is using this term and how broadly his congregation is interpreting it?  I’m not going to go into detail, I just have to say I hope the women are standing up for what they need, as well.

* How frustrated must those single congregants be?  And what about people whose careers or health conditions make it impossible for them to have sex seven days in a row (or at all?) right now?  Also sucks for all the people struggling with infertility…

Other thoughts?


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2 responses to “Pastor tells congregants to have sex

  1. Tina

    Yikes. I hope that when he issues this challenge on Sunday he gives a lot more guidelines so that it won’t become abusive or manipulative. It is an ongoing struggle for married people to fight the idea that sex doesn’t happen like it does in the movies or tv shows. This challenge doesn’t really help set up healthy expectations for couples. This just feels like to much pressure to put on couples. It may help with some couples “spice”, but I know I would feel like crap the whole week.

    Amen to the point about alienating people. It seems like there is a way to talk about sex in church in a more healthy way (talking about the distortions of it, setting good expectations, what if your single, etc).

    Also, your link didn’t quite work for me, but I found it here:

    • Ashleigh


      I just realized I never replied to your comment–sorry! It’s a little overdue at this point… I have been putting my older posts into categories (something I neglected to do when I first wrote them), so I’m catching a couple of these instances where I really dropped the ball as an interactive blogger… Hope you can forgive! ;o)

      You’re right, I think, that one of the main things anyone teaching on sex should emphasize is that everyone’s sexual relationships are going to be different and NONE of them are going to be like the sanitized version you see on TV. It’s messier–literally, as well as emotionally. There are lots of couples that need help figuring out how to have GOOD sex, and just telling them to go do it is not going to be particularly useful. Again, it’s just pressure for a lot of people.

      Thanks for sharing, and sorry I did such a poor job responding!

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