Crucial Question of the Day

One of my crazy how-to-pay-back-my-loans someday ideas at this moment is teaching Bible and Theology to Middle and High School students.  I have no idea how I’d do with this age group (possibly not a good sign?), but I do have a passion for treating teens like real people and want to make biblical studies and theology real and relevant to teens and college-age adults–because I think it’s possible to talk about complex and interesting issues with them (and older adults) but that we rarely do, and that’s a shame.

I also have always been interested in education due to my widely varied K-12 experience…  (public school, Catholic school, publish school, homeschool, fundamentalist school, secular private school, conservative evangelical school, back to the same secular private school…  Let me take this time to stand on a soapbox and proclaim that 97% of non-Catholic, non-Episcopal Christian schools are vastly inferior to their other private school counterparts from what I can tell…)

The downside is I wouldn’t make much money.  The upside is that I’d get some experience teaching (in some capacity) and at least be making money rather than taking out more loans.

Are there any non-fundamentalist Christian schools that aren’t Catholic but don’t require you to have gone to an Episcopal seminary to teach religion?  (Because in my mind there are semi-fundie evangelical schools, Catholic schools, and Episcopal schools… you don’t really see a lot of mainline schools or more moderate and academic evangelical schools… this is a problem, but it probably comes from these sorts of people being less eager to send their kids to a Christian school to begin with.)

If you have heard of such a place or know how the heck to find them, let me know, as I’d like to at least explore this possibility a bit more.  (Or, who knows, maybe I could get a job as a writer instead, since that’s what I’m doing part-time right now…)

The only resource I know of currently is ASCI, the Association of Christian Schools International.  And there are probably about 5 member schools that would allow me to teach there, the liberal infidel that I am.  ;o)

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