Scrapbook of stuff written for Fuller…

I have realized that I haven’t actually linked to any of the stuff I’ve written for Fuller, and since (almost) none of it actually bears my name, it seemed like it was worth sharing on here.  ;o)  Especially since I want to have a post this week but don’t have much else in particular to say.

Besides linking to a number of pieces I’ve done, I am pasting in the entirety of a more personal piece I wrote, since I’m not sure it’ll be achieved on the site as long.  A couple dozen staff, faculty, alums, and current students were asked to write pieces on what Christmas means to them, and since I work in Public Affairs, I get asked to do everything like that.  (The reason why I actually thought of posting this today is that I was asked to be in a video to talk about the MAT program.  So now I have to figure out what to say… haha.)

I think I’m actually going to post the Christmas piece in a separate post…

So here are the links, yo.  Please note that the articles are increasingly personal (and long) as you go down, for the most part.

Faculty Bios– I’m too lazy to list them now.  I’ve edited a lot of little things on them but written several from scratch or made more major revisions.  They’re not as exciting, though, sooooooo…  One example, just so you can see the kind of work I do, is the profile of our dear buddy Daniel Kirk, who joined Fuller faculty this year at the Menlo Park campus.  His bio is kind of puny since he’s young, but try not to hold it against him as a scholar or me as a writer.  ;o)  Also please note his undergraduate institution!

News Stories– exactly what they sound like; don’t be deceived by their brevity–they take a long time to write, between attending the event and trying to make sense of the multiple segments/speakers/books/whatever that somehow need to be tied together into one piece!

10/28/08- Brehm Center Sponsors Interfaith Arts Colloquium
1/14/09- First Phase of New David Allan Hubbard Library Opens
1/20/09- Fuller Community Gathers for 2009 Presidential Inauguration
2/12/09- Two-Part Forum Explores Reasons for Engaging in Interfaith Dialogue
2/19/09- Book Signing Celebrates Fuller Faculty Authors Exploring Body and Soul

Faces of Fuller– these short articles give a glimpse of what some people here are doing, in this case, faculty
Lisseth Rojas-FloresReaching Out to Underserved Children and Families
Donna Downes- Developing Leaders Across the Globe
John Goldingay Instilling a Love for the God of Israel
(this last one I especially enjoyed writing, and I argued to get my title on it when my boss liked another one better at first… my boss’s boss picked mine ;o)

Alumni in Action– these feature stories are part of an email newsletter for alums, highlighting what other Fuller alums are doing with their degrees; this is my favorite part of my job because I get really excited to see what diverse interests people has and how God is at work in so many ways I’ve always hoped

Covenant Group (Nov ’08)- Covenantal Group of Alumni/ae
Fuller alums with really strong community post-graduation.  Please note the alumni/ae.  My awesome school requires that I always write i/ae.  Freakin’ amazing style guide we have for PR.

Andrea Baare-Nair (Dec ’08)- Communicating the Gospel in Corporate Germany
serves as chaplain among her colleagues at Telekom, the German company that owns T-Mobile

Rachel and James Poysky (Jan ’09)- Learning, Leading, and Loving through Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
a couple with a son with Duchenne involved in research and advocacy efforts

Jon Paris (Feb ’09)- Seeking God in Each Season
an IV staff who’s about to leave to build and Internet start-up company; went to a regional campus; an additional shout-out to Daniel Kirk for passing his name along!

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