The Sun Also Rises

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I honestly don’t even know what to blog about… When I’m blogging regularly I think of things all the time–to many to actually blog on–but it seems much harder when you haven’t said anything in a while. Makes it seem like you have to come up with something profound…

Amanda has requested a post. But I lack profound thoughts. Great.

So instead I will offer the lyrics to a song, “The Sun Also Rises” by a band Jeremiah likes, Brave Saint Saturn. I admit I am slightly embarrassed to like a song by a “Christian” band, but for some reason I find this chorus very catchy, and I think it also describes a hope lots of us ache to do an even better job believing in and enjoying. I was listening to it on YouTube tonight, so I thought it was an appropriate artifact from my life for a contentless post. ;o)

With all the hope that I could beg or borrow
I can’t wait, can’t wait for tomorrow

I believe the sun also rises
Drying our tears, bringing the blue skies of day
I believe the sun also rises
Lighting our paths, driving the darkness away


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2 responses to “The Sun Also Rises

  1. Marshall Benbow

    If I had any doubts about Jeremiah (and I didn’t), they were answered when I saw that he likes Brave St Saturn. And please don’t be embarassed to like Christian bands (and BSS would not qualify in that category anyway).

    • ashrebg

      He also like Celtic stuff, Derek Webb, Ingrid Michaelson, and all sorts of other really white music. Also, something you’ll like: he wants to spend a serious amount of his time volunteering with the poor and homeless, possibly even doing something crazy like buying houses that are falling apart, fixing them up, and selling them to people at their pre-fixed-up price. :o)

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