10 reasons why the quarter system is a fail

10) As soon as you start to get to know your classmates, it’s off to a new class.
9) Instead of spending 1-1.5 hr in class 2-3 times a week, you sometimes get to spend 3-4 hr straight. It’s not even like flying cross-country when you have the chance of buying alcohol while you sit for 240 minutes.
8) You have an assignment due in every class, every week.
7) Professors don’t have time to assign real work–so they make you write 3-pg book reviews like junior high.
6) According to a reputable source, Joel Green (who surely knows everything) says the quarter system is more expensive for the school to run.
5) At semester-system Duke MDivs take 24 classes total. Here MDiv students take 36. Their MTS degree is 16 courses, while ours is 24. And I believe (based on semesters at UNC, at least), that 40 hr of class time is the norm, regardless of the system… Meaning we take 480 hr for every 320 hr Duke students take…
4) We have to go to school in the summers–and our summer classes are all intensives lasting 5, 2, or possibly even only 1 wk.
3) We have to agony of watching out friends on the semester or trimester systems finish their exams… and we’re just starting another quarter.
2) We have to pay for all those additional credit hourswhile receiving the same amount of Stafford loan money from the government that semester people do.
1) We have only two one week breaks between Christmas break and September. How do we survive??

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  1. Doug Jackosn

    Never argue w/ a woman packing a twelve-guage.

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