Apologies & Summer Classes

I have a final tomorrow, so I shouldn’t be blogging right now, but I have done such a poor job keeping up with my goal of several posts a week that I really am starting to feel bad about it.

So, a brief catch-up post, if nothing else. I have been busy with a 5-wk intensive class (Systematic Theology 1: Theology & Anthropology) and a 2-wk intensive class (Christian Ethics in a Pluralistic Society). My 2-wk intensive ends Friday, though I will still have one assignment and a research paper for that class, and a research paper for the other, due Sept. 3. It’s good to be almost done, but I’m a little jealous that Jeremiah will be done tomorrow for the whole summer!

My classes have been fairly interesting, so in lieu of a post in more complete form, here’s a few of the things I’ve been thinking about:

– I read the IVP book Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views hoping it would help me explore my own views of open theism, Calvinism, and the like. It was interesting, but I don’t think I’m much closer to settling anywhere.

– We read a lot of articles for ethics that were written from a Catholic perspective. I feel very certain that their sex-must-be-open-to-life stance is incorrect, but it has been very interesting to read about issues relating to sexuality from this perspective and still somewhat challenging, as I don’t think evangelicals have a very developed theology of sex.

– I was quite frustrated to think about the typical evangelical stances on inerrancy and evolution as we discussed the topics of Scripture & revelation and the doctrine of creation in systematic theology. I’d say we were encouraged to more middle-of-the road positions, so this is no complaint against Fuller, just against the churches and schools I was raised in and the damage done to many people’s faith because of people who (in my view) misunderstand a truly Christian view of these topics. Jeremiah and I had some interesting discussions about how local churches need to better equip their congregants to deal with questions, understand the Bible well, etc. We have a vision for a short (100-150 pg) book that will give an overview of various critical approaches to the Bible for lay people so that they are less frightened and better able to deal with Bart Ehrman, etc. When we actually know what we’re talking about, perhaps we’ll write it…

– This doesn’t have to do with class, but babies are literally everywhere. Every single week this summer I think someone has either had a baby or announced they were pregnant. Also lots of people getting married this summer. I guess this means I’m in my 20s?

– In my ethics class I’ve been really fascinated by this one Catholic’s argument in favor of civil unions–not just for gay people but for everyone, basically. He just thinks the church and state have really different ideas about marriage, something that has made me come to similar conclusions on my own. I’m thinking of making something related to this my research paper topic, though I’m not really certain what the paper will actually focus on. I have a feeling it will be more about church/state/marriage than gay marriage, but we’ll see.

– We just got some new bookshelves from IKEA and have plans to get some more. Our library is now “complete” after we install a fan, but our living room still needs a little help. We’re excited to soon have a “finished product” apartment!

That’s all for now. More to come.


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2 responses to “Apologies & Summer Classes

  1. Would love to hear more about how you and Jeremiah are processing the doctrine of scripture question.

    • Ashleigh

      I never replied to this! Sorry, my college friend Kate was in town for a week. You have asked a question both too simple and too complex for me to answer… but I will try. :o)

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