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Here begins a dialog…

Here begins a dialog.

We’re talking politics, culture, and theology…
…car care, curry,
backpacking, bulldozers,
alligators, and Afghanistan.

We ask who we are. 
Who we can be. 
What we are meant for.

What is the best way to live as humans?
What, in fact, is the most human we could be?

Claiming to be “only human” is a cruel joke.
We may be flawed,
but unadulterated humanity is good.
Very good.

Every day we steal glimpses:
the joy of recognizing “I was made for this!”

The Christian story claims
Jesus showed us
what it means to be truly human.

God became human in Jesus,
so he knows our situation.
He stood in our place in every way.
He lived life untarnished,
showing us who we were always meant to be…
and then healing our world’s brokenness
through his death and resurrection,
healing our brokenness,
he empowers us to follow him…

…into true humanity.

What does humanity look like
when it sheds its anxiety, shame, and pride?
How do we step into our true identities day to day?
Do we buy the reality of that story to begin with?
Do we actually act like we do?
Or don’t?

Here begins a dialog…

…on living with viveza.


Sin, we note, is not breaking arbitrary rules;
rather the rules are the thumbnail sketches
of different kinds of dehumanizing behavior.

—N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham in Surprised By Hope (180).


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