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“And now for something completely different!”

Soon after my first post, I sat mesmerized in front of a television screen—a rare sight if you know my viewing habits, or lack thereof.  The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics blew me away, and I had a rush of thoughts about this super-cool gathering of people from around the world.  It may not explicitly worship Jesus, but I think it’s strikingly in line with many Christian priorities like peace, cultural diversity, and rejoicing in the bodies God has given us.  My first “real” post, I decided would be about the Olympics.  I was quite excited!

But then…

*Duhn! Duhn! Duhn!*  I checked my Google Reader the next day, only to see that Al Hsu hadn’t just written a blog post on this very topic, but a whole article—yes, a whole freakin’ article for both online and print readers—for Christianity Today.  (And, yes, I am bitter.  The column is definitely worth reading, though.)  I decided I didn’t have anything new or intelligent to add to his discussion of the connection of the Olympics with God’s reign, so I have sat for several days wondering what I might write.

I’ve decided to begin with A Task:

Name two songs.

Both should mean something to you that is very different from what you think they mean to a significant number of listeners.

Preferably, choose one from “inside” a group that you’re a part of (religious, cultural, geographic, political, etc.).  (For example, maybe you’re a feminist, but you find a “feminist”-leaning song that actually seems completely anti-feminist to you.)  Then choose another song from “outside” a group you’re a part of (maybe the same group?) that seems oddly in line with how you see the world.  Perhaps one of the most “misogynistic” rappers around has just released a single that speaks to you about women’s dignity.  Post snippets of lyrics if you want and try not to completely bash anyone’s choices just yet.  Chatter expressing dis/agreement is ok, though.



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