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Things I’m really enjoying right now:
Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, Amy’s Mac N Soy Cheeze, 70 degrees, the newly repaired MacBook, reading about Islam, new (drinking) glasses from target, Paper Towns, wireless Internet, living in the city, my job and the fact that the government pays for it, developing friendships, mentally planning how to furnish/decorate my new apartment, $20,500 loans, pajama pants, Christmas money, sleeping, knowing I will have a dishwasher at this time next week, daily sunshine

Ways I’m meeting God:
catching up with college friends, Caedmon’s Call, miraculously being able to make ends meet, reading your blog, studying theologies of religion, giving, writing about seminary faculty and alumni and their amazing passions and accomplishments (one of the best advertisements for Christianity happens to be the community I live, study, and work in right now), not having to sign a statement of faith, envisioning the future, did I mention the sunshine here?

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