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Inerrancy: Not what they taught you at Moody, eh?

“[Timothy P.] Weber cites Benjamin B. Warfield (1851-1921) and Archibald Alexander Hodge (1823-86) of Princeton as important conservative thinkers who argued for inerrancy.  They made an impressive case that ‘the Scriptures not only contain but ARE THE WORD OF GOD, and hence that all their elements and all their affirmations are absolutely errorless, and binding the faith and obedience of man.’  This claim was so impressive that Hodge’s provisos were often overlooked.  He noted that readers should ‘(1) disregard trivial discrepancies in numbers and dates, (2) allow for minor errors in translation and copying over the centuries, (3) distinguish between what the Bible writers personally believed and what they formally taught, and (4) use reasonable or common-sense standards of what constituted accuracy.'” –Robert Jewett, Mission and Menace: Four Centuries of American Religious Zeal

Nonetheless, I take issue with the word itself…

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