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NC’s closest counties

Closest North Carolina Counties (thanks to CNN’s NC county map!):

The bad: Obama lost…
…Lenoir by 124
…Swain by 93
…Chowan by 99
…Madison by 171

I thank you for trying, fabulous Obama-supporters of Lenoir, Swain, Chowan, and Madison counties!  (Keep that in mind the next time you’re participating in/helping with an election people–every vote does count!)

And the good: Obama won…
…Franklin by 143
…Hyde by 22

Holy crap–22 votes, people!

I have never visited your lovely counties, but I appreciate your enthusiasm and good tastes in candidates!  You bring joy to my life and to many others around the world!

Way to go NC and VA–for being battleground states and for turning blue (we’re almost sure about NC at this point…)!

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