Rather than listing them all in the sidebar, here’s a full listing of the blogs I follow regularly:

Alex Kirk’s Piebald Life
– One of my InterVarsity staff from college who is now an area director in the Blue Ridge region, blogging about his work with InterVarsity and current musings on God and life.

Al Hsu’s The Suburban Christian
– InterVarsity Press associate editor, PhD student, and author of The Suburban Christian, Singles at the Crossroads, and Grieving a Suicide, blogging about theology and culture.

Amanda Barbee’s Trying to Land
– Mars Hill Graduate School psychology student blogging about hurt, healing, God, and life in Seattle.

Daniel Kirk’s Storied Theology
– Fuller Northern California associate professor of New Testament, blogging about the Bible, theology, and praxis.

Elana Mee-Sun’s It Is All Worth It
– Fellow intern from InterVarsity’s Greensboro Urban Project (GUPY) 2006 blogging about Jesus, life as a transracial adoptee from Korea, and training to be a social worker.

Elisabeth Teater’s With Joy
– City-dweller and social justice advocate blogging about God, preparing for crosscultural missions, and life with her husband in D.C.

Emily’s Merrys Cloister
– Notre Dame PhD student blogging about journeys in Christianity and literature.

Marshall Benbow’s Joy in the Margins
– Missions pastor and InterVarsity Greensboro Urban Project (GUPY) director blogging about living, learning, and ministering in inner-city Greensboro, NC.

Whitney’s give yourself wholly
– Candler divinity school student blogging about her faith, classes, and life in Atlanta.


The CBE Scroll
CT‘s Leadership‘s Out of Ur

2 responses to “Blogs

  1. Afternoon, I came across your blog in researching systemic injustice. I also noticed you spent some time near Raleigh. I am starting a classical Christian Urban school for low income children in south east Raleigh. I thought you might find it interesting. I have been blogging on matters of injustice as well. check it out at

    Danny B.

  2. Ashleigh

    Hey Danny!

    You happened open a slightly older blog of mine. These days I blog with my husband at, as well as at (although I have been really bad about blogging over there recently, that should change after my current school quarter ends tomorrow), if you’re interested.

    I am actually really, really interested in learning more about your school–but it might be easier for me to shoot you an email than to write a longer message on here. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by and telling me about this exciting project!

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